Tourist Places in Namsai District

The nascent district of Arunachal Pradesh, Namsai which came into being in 2015 derives its name from the Tai Khamti words, Nam for Water and Sai for Sand which when simply put means 'sandy water'. The district with the same name as its headquarter town is also called the 'Abode of Theravada Buddhism' and the 'Land of Pagodas'. The length and breadth of the district is dotted with Viharas, monastic centres, meditation centres and of course pagodas.

Golden Pagoda

(Kongmu Kham) is undoubtedly the most prominent amongst the pagoda in the state as well as in the north east of India because of its splendour and essence. It was consecrated in 2010 and ever since it has attracted Buddhist devotees from around the world as well as other visitors who come to experience the feel if the place. The pagoda houses the holy relics of Lord Buddha and 'INGTASAAN', the 13 feet high Bamboo Buddha which is one of its kind in India. The pagoda is surrounded by manicured lawns and a symmetry of various ornamental plants and flowers.

Lathao International Bana Meditation Centre

A 7 km ride off NH 52 towards the east at Lathao village and about 12 kms. from the resort is the Lathao International Bana Meditation Centre which is under development since a few years. The centre spread over a hill called 'Lal Pahar' in local parlance is a centre for vipassana meditation, one of India's most ancient meditation techniques. The main attraction though is the 113 feet high Buddha statue being constructed with maximum work on it having completed. Once complete, the statue will be the highest of its kind in India.

Phaneng Buddhist Temple

The temple is famous for housing a sacred religious text 'Dhammasangkhani Sutongpe' which is said to bleed when its pages are turned. Devotees throng there to pay obeisance and seek merit and blessings.

Empong Buddhist Temple

The temple has been home to a sacred Buddha statue which is believed to fulfill wishes. Devotees flock there particularly during auspicious days and Sangken, the water festival of Theravada Buddhists. Another aspect of its attraction is a giant mango tree whose age is yet to be ascertained but villagers and old timers make rough calculations of it being over 200 tears old. The mango tree has assumed the status of a 'sacred tree'.

Pariyatti Sasana Buddhist Vihara, Namsai

The temple at the headquarter town Namsai has the first of the large P agodas of the district which is a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda of Myanmar. It also has other beautiful pagodas.


A village once having earned the status of being the richest village in Asia also has numerous pagodas and shrines located at the heart of the village. The World Peace Pagoda, the biggest one in the village alongwith the Mahamunimet Stupa are located on a river island which has become a must visit place when you are at Chongkham. The Tai Khamti Singpho Museum is also located here which displays antiques and traditional items.

Traditional Healtcare

Though modern healthcare services have taken over the aspect of healing yet the traditional healing system is still in place. One can meet the last of such men and women who cater to the needs of local traditional medicines.

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