Kathina Civara Dana Ceremony at Kongmu Kham (Golden Pagoda)


November 13, 2016

A two day Kathina Civara Dana ceremony started today at the Golden Pagoda (Kongmu Kham) at Noi Cheynam in Namsai district. The ceremony is held after the conclusion of Varsha Vaas (Rainy Retreat) of Theravada Buddhists when robes are offered to the monks.

The Kathina Civara Dana is being performed by the Thai devotees. The day started with the hoisting of World Buddhist Flag at 6 am by Rev.Saddadhikho from Thailand in presence of other monks and devotees. In the afternoon, the Holy Relics of Lord Buddha which arrived here on 11 November last alongwith with an image of the Buddha known as Por Bpor Ror was taken in a procession around the pagoda premises. The Pro Bpor Ror image was conceptualised and designed by the King of Thailand Late Bhumibol Adulyadej to commemorate the 2500 birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. It was kept in the Wat Bawon Nivet of Thailand before being brought here. The Wat Bawon Nivet is where the Supreme Patriarch Monk of Thailand resides. 

It was informed that the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave his consent to gift the image to the Golden Pagoda on the day of his demise. After the religious procession, a dhamma discourse was held by Venerable Dhammadipo. After the dhamma discourse, Mungchalingta Buddha was unveiled by Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein. The Mungchalingta Buddha statue was donated by Mrs. La-Ong Boonprasert from Thailand. The statue is built resembling the period of Lord Buddha's one week meditation after the enlightenment in the same position.

    Later, Rev.Dhammadipo held a brief meditation session with the devotees. The monk is a master in a form of meditation known as Cittanupassana which translates to Mind Power Development. After that there was a presentation ceremony where the reverend monks offered gifts which included photo frame of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to DCM Chowna Mein and Ven.Vimalatissa Bhikkhu the abbot of Golden Pagoda Monastery. In his vote of thanks, DCM Chowna Mein said the permanent installation of the original holy relics of Lord Buddha was a gift of dhamma for everyone in the North East. He thanked the reverend monks and the Buddha Relics Foundation of Thailand for the precious gift on behalf of all the devotees. He added that there was a believe amongst Thais that the King Rama the Fifth had been to this part of India though further research was required and there were many research scholars who were enthusiastic about doing research on the same.

   Altogether twenty six member Thai delegations had arrived along with the relics on the invitation of DCM Chowna Mein and Venerable Vimalatissa Bhikkhu, Abbot of Kongmu Kham. A lady amongst the delegation Miss Acharapan Phiboonsuvan who owns a yoga studio in Bangkok said that it was like coming back home regarding this visit and informed she would again visit in future. She was all praise for the people and hospitality of the place.

Later in the evening, hundreds of wish balloons (Fung Phai) illuminated the Kongmu Kham and cultural programme organised by the Tai Khampti Heritage & Literature Society (TKHLS) mesmerised the gatherings.

The ceremony concludes on Monday with ritual offering of Kathina Civara (robes), chanting of prayers for world peace.

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