14 April


date : 14-04-2018
Time : 11:09 AM



Sangken popularly known as the Water festival will be celebrated by the Theravada Buddhist communities residing in Namsai and Changlang District from April 14 to 16, 2018 which will mark the advent of New Year. The water is supposed to wash away bad luck - so consider yourself blessed if you get drenched!

It is akin to the festival of Holi and Songkran festival of Thailand. Though it is celebrated all over the Tai Khamtis, Singphoos and Tangsas (Tikhaks) inhabited districts with great enthusiasm, it is in Kongmu Kham (Tengapani), Namsai, Chongkham, Empong and Phaneng that these communities hold the very important ritual of bathing the Buddha and people from all over come to witness this event. The pouring of water is symbolic of the cleansing of the spirit, mind and body.

This year, the statues of Lord Buddha will be brought out of the Chong (temple) at exactly 11:09:05 AM on 14 April 2018 and placed in a chapel (temporary shrine) in the premises which will be then ceremoniously washed with clean water on all days. Buddhist scriptures (Lik), Peepal tree (toun Puthi) and monks will also be given a symbolic wash with clean and scented water. The reinstalling of the idols inside the temple will take place exactly at 03:13:47 PM on April 16 which will mark the end of the festival celebrations.

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